24-Hour Build: Multi-Form Shelving


24-Hour Build: Multi-Form Shelving

It's been four years at university and I still can't wrap my head around why the exam system exists. Why can't we evaluate our students beyond what they can cram in 24 hours? 

Anyways, it's over now and I finally have bucket-loads of time to do whatever my heart desires! Unfortunately, copious amounts of physical activity are out of the question for the time being (my cold is starting to get worse and the cold weather isn't helping) so I've resulted to either being productive or binging the entire first season of Designated Survivor on Netflix. 

I have a bit of an issue with space in my very small room. As my shoe collection starts to build up along my window sill and my increased interest in reading has filled a very small shelf, I knew since the beginning of February that I wanted to resolve this - but the i can do it later mentality obviously kicked-in post New Year's. Fortunately now with my spare time I can finally do something about it!

In the end, this was just an experimentation of my ability to see if I could truly build something useful in less than 24 hours. I guess the intention of doing the shelf was to have something functional to keep my room clean and also be something I can build on in the future - I'll add any future changes in my updates below. The final product resulted in a really basic shelf that strangely had a form that could be used both vertically and horizontally!


Boredom was starting to kick-in after spending the past day recovering at home. Designated Survivor was starting to get boring after back-to-back episodes so I finally went back to my list of Things I Need To Make over lunch with a friend. He challenged me to try and build the storage unit I needed for my room by the end of this day. We went back and measured out all the available space I have in my room (turns out, the available space I have by the window is in this L-shape where the height and length are the same! Perfect!)


I haven't come up with a design yet, but I'm just going to go with the flow. The point of this challenge was to see whether I could make something in the next few hours that was functional (so that I can build on it's form during my spare time). Time to go material-hunting at Bunnings! 


Just walked out of Bunnings with three planks of pine that miraculously fit my size needs along with a bunch of screws. With a 140cm wide car I JUST manage to fit the 125cm planks into the backseat.


All the dimensions are measured out, but it didn't feel necessary to have the entire width of pine for the back-support structure. We cut it down to half it's width so the shelf can not only weigh less, but allow light to travel through from the window behind. 


I messed up! In my desperation to finish this before dinner, I forgot to measure out a safe distance for the screws from the edge of the planks and ended up splitting one of the sides. Wood glue comes to the rescue. 


After three hours of stressing out and attempting to align everything in place, it's done! Everything is put together and the slots fit perfectly. There are so many things I want to do to make it look better but at least it's useable now. Time to grab a bite. 


It's Finished! 

Matthew Kwong