The Pain of Losing Things With Sentimental Value

Photo by  Ben Hershey  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

The Pain of Losing Things With Sentimental Value

So something shitty happened to me last week - my car got broken into. 

It's a horrible feeling not only when strangers violate your personal space, whether it's your room, your house or car. It's an even crappier feeling when they decide to take items that do not belong to them. 

Some people may steal out of necessity (e.g. when they have an urgent need to feed their family) or they do it out of plain dumb behaviour, but either way it's never the right thing to do. What if that item you stole was the livelihood of the owner's? What if their life depended on it? 

I am a sentimental person. I collect heaps of photos and organise them neatly into folders, along with all my personal information and previous years' of documents that no longer fit into the tiny hard drive spaces laptops have nowadays (why is this a thing?!?!). The fact that the thieves took my hard drives, probably with the perception of it's physical value, failed to take into consideration how much of my life is on that drive - and now it's gone. 

It's a frustrating feeling to have and I've been getting a lot of "didn't you back it up?" or "you shouldn't have left it in the car in the first place.". But feeling safe sometimes means that you're vulnerable and situations like these - that happen so infrequently - aren't things you tend to consider on your day-to-day. 

I guess the lesson here is that people can be crappy, that's just how society is. We can try and teach children that stealing is bad but human nature is sometimes inevitable. You just need to put enough effort into protecting yourself, no matter how safe the environment may feel like. 

Matthew Kwong