Song of the Month: April 2018

Psycho (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) - Post Malone

Post Malone is back, baby! 

I know... I haven't done this in a while but it's time I brought it back. 

It's been a long two months trying to resettle back into the swing of life. Work, study and socials don't ever seem to find a perfect balance in my life. It can get pretty stressful trying to separate responsibilities but I guess that's the exciting part of life? 

Anyways, I remember when I first heard this song driving home. I was a bit overwhelmed with work that day when I never thought I'd say this, but Post Malone made me feel a sense of calm. I wouldn't say that Psycho's lyrics ever related to me (unfortunately I haven't made my first million...) but the calming tones made me feel like all this stress was going to be okay. 

If you ever come across this random post like "why is Matt talking about his feelings over thuggish music?", have a listen: 

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