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I feel like there is this huge misunderstanding about creativity - you're not born with it. It's something that develops over time through patience and practice.

I started university with the belief that I could develop my creative skills on the side as a pursue a more technical course, but in reality, finding that motivation to pursue the very thing you were passionate about is difficult when assessments and other responsibilities become a priority. Online classes weren't going to be any help either if you end up stuck on an issue no one can resolve.

Now with the double degree in progress, the ability to have constant feedback has allowed me to develop my skills further as a designer and work with people that motivate me to push the boundaries of my understanding. I want to channel this drive and pay it forward, by helping those from non-creative backgrounds discover the excitement of designing something you can call your own.

It's been interesting working as a graphic designer in several organisations. People get so fascinated by the work that you produce and it seems like a huge effort, but in reality the process becomes quite repetitive and easy to use. I guess my core motivation in starting my own series of classes came from the "how did you do that?"s that just got repetitive to a point where I just want others to understand that they can do it too.

It's great that organisations like General Assembly and Academy Xi exist. They help open new career pathways and teach you skills that you wouldn't otherwise learn in your course or career. I feel like they give hope: from the teenagers unsure of what they might pursue in the future to the middle-aged, half-retirees who want to make a change in their life direction and pursue a whole other career.

Obviously, I don't want to just duplicate the same classes that they've provided and hope for the best. I believe that there is an opportunity here to learn from what they've provided and find ways to engage my students in a manner that will assist them through their learning journey. It'll definitely be a huge learning curve for me as I've never taught anything like this in my life but it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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