Design Project of the Month: October 2018

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Pitch Decks

When you get paid for using your favourite tool.

This month has been a struggle.

As we get into the last quarter of 2018, I’ve started reflecting on what I’ve actually done to try and achieve the goals I set out in January. Albeit a little disappointing at my own progress, I feel like the path I’ve taken this year has definitely veered way off what I was hoping to do on New Year’s Day in New York.

Anyways, October is our month of hell. Balancing my time between studying and getting work done at UNIHACK hasn’t really given me the time for a creative outlet - so when a prospective client reached out to me, I took up the chance to do something exciting.

I’m not sure how other designers do it, but pricing the work I do has been a struggle that I haven’t managed to resolve since I first started selling my design pieces in 2014. A wise friend of mine once said “think about how many hours it’ll take, then how much it’ll cost for you to get away from what you’re working on now - and then that’s the price you should set“. But still, this system would definitely not work as someone who would part with whatever he’s doing for 10 bucks.

So this project I ended up working is a pitch deck for a Melbourne-based startup. It was a presentation that was meant to be geared towards a legal audience so being able to present the tech’s benefits in a clear and concise manner was of utmost importance to the client. After a few iterations (including the addition of cute little icon vectors) , it ended up pretty neat and simple, and was really interesting to try and gear my aesthetic interests into new, unfamiliar territory.

Matthew Kwong